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The Chinese Crested Dog Club Dog of the Year Competition

Run in conjunction with the Chinese Crested Club of GB


Our point categories remain the same with the titles of Dog Of The Year, Puppy of The Year, Veteran of the Year, Powderpuff of the Year, Special Beginner of the Year, Breeder of the Year and Exhibitor of the Year.  

Points are awarded as Follows

All Championship Dogs Shows including CCDC & CCCGB

                                3 points for a class Win, 2 for a 2nd and 1 for a 3rd In Crufts Qualifying Breed Classes (For 2021 Only This Will Include Novice & Graduate)

                                1 Additional Point for a RCC

                                2 Additional Points for a CC

                                1 Additional Point for BOB

                                1 Additional Point for BPIB

                                1 Additional Point for BVIB

                                Group Places gain points as follows - 4 for G1, 3 for G2, 2 for G3 and 1 for G4

For Boston and Belfast (No CCs) Breed Class, BPIB & BOB Points are the same with just 1 additional point for BD/BB


CCDC and CCCGG Open Shows

3 points for a class Win, 2 for a 2nd and 1 for a 3rd In All Breed Classes

                                1 Additional Point for a RBD or RBB

                                2 Additional Points for a BD or BB

                                1 Additional Points for BIS

                                1 Additional Points for BPIS

                                1 Additional Points for BVIS


Best Breeder will be counted by an accumulation of all points relating to each Affix

Best Exhibitor will be counted by an accumulation of all points relating to each Owned Dog or bitch


The Rules – please read carefully as there are some changes:

- To be awarded points you must have beaten at least one other dog. IE if only one in a class no points awarded, if 2 only to the winner etc.

- Points will only be taken from your highest placed class if more than one class has been entered – points will not count from multiple classes

- Top Puppy competition points come from Puppy classes and awards only and puppies will no longer be listed in the Top Dog Competition until they turn 12 months of age, or unless they gain points in adult competition or main awards.

- Top Veteran competition points come from Veteran classes and awards only and Veterans will no longer be listed in the Top Dog competition unless winning points from awards outside Veteran classes or BVIB

- For best Exhibitor In the case of joint ownership, points will only be accumulated for each Partnership and cannot be split across individual owners

- Breeders Points are calculated by Affix and in the case of no registered affix no points will be awarded in the Breeder competition

- Special Beginners is Dog/Owner/Handler not to have won a CC or RCC in Any Breed (Note: Points in Special Beginners classes at champ shows will count only in the special beginners competition and not the main categories as well)

To be eligible for Awards all owners must be fully paid up members of the Chinese Crested Dog Club


Due to The Cessation Of Shows the 2020 Competition Was Declared Null & Void