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1982 was the first year for Chinese Cresteds to be awarded C.C.s.

* Denotes Best Of Breed

1982  D:* CH Aes Into Dynasty   

           B: CH Krystal of Kojak

1983  D:* CH Jaspar of Kojak   

           B: CH Krystal of Kojak

1984  D:* CH Clogheen Perry   

           B: CH Petworth Moppy Top

1985  D: CH Kojak Konkorde   

           B:* CH Petworth Moppy Top

1986  D:* CH Kojak Kandy Kisses   

           B: CH Kojak Kandy Kisses

1987  D:* CH Kojak Kavalier   

           B: CH Handerby Snow Queen

1988  D: Moonswift Captain Fantastic    

           B:* CH Handerby Snow Queen

1989  D: CH Debrita Defiant   

           B:* CH Aes Blue Dy-Amond for Movalian

1990  D:* CH Kojak Korona of Jhanchi   

           B: CH Totsdown Trixie of Freelane

1991  D: CH Heathermount Mecca    

           B:* CH Debrita Daoma

1992  D:* CH Debrita Defiant   

           B: Zucci Jasmine at Jokima

1993  D:* CH Debrita Defiant    

           B: CH Donsal Dirty Dancing for Valdajenlo

1994  D:* Zucci Fancy Man    

           B: CH Zucci Maid In The East for Honebon

1995  D: CH Jokima Jive Bunny   

           B:* CH Churrasco Priscilla

1996  D: Nanimo Huckleberry Fin at Gordonsmere     

           B:* Foo Foo Of Brierdene by Debrita

1997  D:* Glebeheath The Gentleman   

           B: Jokima Jelica

1998  D:* CH Blandora Brainwave   

          B: CH Churrasco Cream Dream of Oolagha

1999  D:* Chinois Chicago Boy   

           B: Mincrest Made Ya Look

2000  D:* Omegaville Database   

           B: Mincrest Maid Ya Look

2001  D:* CH Blandora Rock 'N' Robin Avec Vanitonia   

           B: Nord/Lux CH Prefix Absolutely Fabulous

2002  D:* CH Blandora Time Bomb Via Vanitonia   

           B: CH Lemiz Fantine

2003  D:* CH Blandora Time Bomb Via Vanitonia   

           B: CH Lemiz Fantine

2004  D:Int/Swe/Dk/Fin/Lu CH Prefix Hold Your Horses   

          B:* Habiba Shake A Tail Feather

2005  D:* Angelwings Make My Day For Debrita   

           B: CH Habiba Shake A Tail Feather

2006  D: Blandora Glory Be for Kilnshena   

           B:* CH Zucci Highly Provocative For Vanitonia

2007  D: Habiba The Great Pretender   

           B:* CH Debrita Danita

2008  D: Habiba Shake Wiggle Wiggle  

           B:* CH/INT/NOR Prefix Really Something

2009   D: CH Vanitonia Brace Yourself

           B: CH/INT/NOR Prefix Really Something

2010 D: CH Habiba Shake Wiggle Wiggle

B:* Prefix The Name Of The Game

2011 D:* INT CH Prefix Abraham Lincoln

B: Mikang Catwalk Queen

2012   D:* Vanitonia Wot's Occuring

B: CH Debrita Diaz

2013  D: Ch Habiba Shoulda Been A Cowboy

B: *CH Debrita Diaz  



2015 D: Ch Habiba Shoulda Been A Cowboy

B: *Baileys Over Ice Heybett      

2016 D: *CH Habiba Causing An Uproar

B: CH/INT/SWE/DAN CH Prefix Fair Play On Broadway

2017: D: Brooklyn Boogie

B:* MultiCh Nilufer Molosos Gratzi

2018: D: Jean Dark King For A Day

B:* Esp CH Valkrest The First Lady

2019: D* IntCh MultiCh Brooklyn Boogie

B: IntCh MultiCh Arte Figure Happy Ending 

2020 D* Ethereal's The Show Must Go On

B: IntChMultCH Jammings Elektra

2022 D Ch Arte Figure Next Level At Casacvallo JW (Imp FIN)

B * IntCh MultCh Hand In Glove Madeoffrabies Beauties