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Judge: Tracey McGuigan (Annamac)

MPD (2/0)

1st Parkers – Doonbeg Carbon Copy At Khatira

2nd Moyes’ & Hunters – Bryelis Strictly Fab U’Lous

PD (6/0)

1st Bodens – Jean Dark Zimzalabim At Gemadar BPD & RBPIS

2nd Parkers – Doonbeg Carbon Copy At Khatira

3rd Moyes’ & Hunters – Bryelis Strictly Fab U’Lous

Res Coulters – Scherzando Quill

VHC Routledge & McGowans – Ynchreenoo Faiyr-Voddee

JD (1/0)

1st Hintons – Parcauwen Perfect Addition

YD (1/0)

1st Bodens – Ensidias You Me You Wish At Gemadar

ND (4/0)

1st Parkers – Doonbeg Carbon Copy At Khatira

2nd Coulters – Scherzando Quill

3rd Van Zyls – Shumllea Hot Spot Of Brighthound

Res Godfrey & Peacocks – Godpeakiki Viva Bitta Bling

GD (3/0)

1st Moyes & Hunters – Bryelis Masterpiece

2nd Bodens – Clezel’s Habibi Soft N Sweet Gemadar

3rd Routledge & McGowans – Ynchreenoo Faiyr-Voddee

PGD (6/1)

1st Parkers – Ynchreenoo Black Magic At Khatira

2nd Olivers – Ynchreenoo Masterpiece

3rd Masters & Shakeshafts – Doucai’s Show Boy

Res Dobsons – Rominjays We’ve Got This

VHC Mintons – B-Galaxy Chocolate Dream of Coffee (Imp POL)

LD (8/0)

1st Moyes & Hunters – Joyways Im A Star At Bryelis BIS

2nd Knowles – Pariansoez Innuendo At Jhanchi JW

3rd Coulters – Scherzando Betelgeuse

Res Frames – Elfallons Little Dragon

VHC Rees – Parcauwen Secret Liaison

OD (3/1)

1st Kennys – Be My Dog’s Vote For Mr Red RBD

2nd Crows – Ch Arte Figure Next Level At Casacavallo JW (Imp FIN)

VD (3/0)

1st Crows – Ch Just Kidding Of Angel’s Legacy At Casacavallo JW ShCm (Imp NLD) BVIS

2nd Masters – Esquimaux Skin Deep

3rd Ousbeys – Myglees What Women Want ShCM

MPB (1/0)

1st Vidlers – Koroleba Balemila

PB (4/0)

1st Gudgins – Scherzando Quaver At Jassendie BPIS

2nd Panayiotis’ – Ynchreenoo Kesmabyn Shee

3rd O’Sullivans – Cladary Triumph History Star NAF

Res Kerrys – Godpeakiki Viva Andromeda

JB (4/0)

1st Roberts’ – Rhea Little Champs For Shanshal (Imp)

2nd Gudgins – Scherzando Quaver At Jassendie

3rd Attwoods’ – Doonbeg Charm Offensive

Res Mintons – Hedwiga Modern Family (Imp POL)

YB (3/1)

1st Bowers – Bryelis Im On My Way At Riveralca

2nd Moyes, Hunter & Shaws – Bryelis Picture Perfect

NB (3/0)

1st Roberts’ – Rhea Little Champs For Shanshal (Imp)

2nd Attwoods – Doonbeg Live In Sin

3rd Kerrys – Godpeakiki Viva Andromeda

GB (0/0)

PGB (4/1)

1st Letos – Kiwango Free Thinker

2nd Maignes – Halcyon Ivana Trumpalot

3rd Pauls – Princess Kateri

LB (4/1)

1st Moyes & Puntons – Bryelis Strike Pose RBB

2nd Routledge & McGowans – Incanto Del Mondo Double Ice Cream Del Pufflepaws

3rd Routledge & McGowans – Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes With Pufflepaws

OB (4/0)

1st Frames – Ch Myvallo Inclined to Dance RBIS & BOS

2nd Routledge & McGowans – Tasnim De Sothis Para Pufflepaws

3rd Routledge & McGowans – Pufflepaws Prosecco Please

Res Bells – Bryelis Belle of the Ball

VB (4/0)

1st Knowles – CH Jhanchi Play The Game JW RBVIS

2nd Roberts’ – Shanshal Made In Essex

3rd Hoylands – Doucais Belle Of The Ball

Res Bells – Belldinla Cosmic Moon